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Enderby is a New Film Company with a Very Old Fashioned Philosophy . . .

"You need three things to make a good movie. The first is Story. The second is Story. The third is Story." - David Brown

  • The writing matters. The better screenplay attracts the best talent.
  • A good movie cannot be made from a bad screenplay.
  • Movies should be made for the lowest possible cost but should look like they cost many times as much.
  • Overhead should be kept to the absolute minimum.
  • Ethics matter.
  • Investors are our partners and should be treated that way.

Now, you might think that all this is obvious. We agree.

You might think that every independent film company would subscribe the following beliefs.

You would be surprised how few put these principles into practice.

We intend to practice what we preach.

Current Projects

Current Projects nderby has a rich portfolio of film and television projects. The main emphasis is on "intrinsic productions". By creating a mini movie studio Enderby is able to maximize creative and financial synergy.

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In the News

Press Room nderby encourages you to stay in touch and track our projects and other news in the industry. Read about us here on our site , or follow us in social media with sites such as Twitter, Facebook or the Enderby Blog.

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Foundations nderby realizes that the secret of the lasting success is to promote future stars . The Enderby Foundation will be provide opportunities, to new talents by hosting contests, workshops and film festivals.

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nderby invites you to read articles and quotes from masters of the trade. These articles deal with the state of the entertainment industry and words on the craft of writing and the art of filmmaking.

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